Answering User Questions: Tip Value

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Answering User Questions: Tip Value

Since we've opened up the user questions for all to answer, I recommend that you re-read the tips I posted at for style and consistency. Here are some quick pointers for answering user questions:
1) The tip should be in LifeTips Tip Form: action-oriented! Each question is unique, and the answer should be as well.
2) You must rewrite the question so that it is spelled correctly, is easy to read and is in proper English. Remember: this question/answer will be live on the LifeTips site.
3) Sources are required for questions that ask for advice on relationships, abuse, therapy, etc.
4) Do not write in first-person. A tip is written for everyone!
5) Please submit tips with no more than 10 in a bunch.

Here is an example of a great tip that came from a user's question:
Question: What are the characteristics of children with dyscalculia?

Title: Dyscalculia in Children
Tip: Children with Dyscalculia often struggle with math problems.
This specific type of learning disability often presents itself early in the child's educational career. A child with Dyscalculia often has problems in the following areas:

-Has trouble with spatial problems and lining up problems correctly for solving.
-Has trouble sequencing problems and often write numbers backwards or out of place.
-Often confuses numbers that are similar.
-Has trouble using a calculator.
-Often has trouble telling time.
-Struggles with money and budgeting.
-At times seems to know basic math facts, at other times may not remember them.
-Has trouble mastering concepts.
-Has trouble remembering locations of states, cities, countries, etc. on a map.
-Gets lost easily.
-Has trouble keeping score when playing games.
-Has trouble with number recall. Often omits numbers or adds extra numbers when doing mathematical problems.

If you think your child may have Dyscalculia, please consult with your school's counselor for further advice.

Keywords: Dyscalculia, math, child, children, learning
Mobile: Children with Dyscalculia often struggle in various mathematical areas. Things such as sequencing, writing numbers and using a calculator are a struggle.
Teaching Special Education,

Special Notes: The source of this tip is worth pointing out. The writer is a special ed teacher, and that's a valid source. But she also added another site that can back up her analysis and advice to the reader.



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