What is freelance writing?

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What is freelance writing?

At its most basic, freelance writing is writing done independently, without an employer. In other words, the writer is always in business for themselves, not someone else. But that's where the simplicity ends. The career itself has many facets.

Like any business owner, the freelance writer needs to learn to think in terms of earnings and expenses. Learning the value of time is also important. Wasting time on useless tasks that don't yield money over the long term is something that should be avoided because it cuts down on earnings. Thinking like a business owner means that you will need to make more than you spend so you can turn a profit.

But how do you do that as a freelance writer? Here are some ways that freelancers make money:

** Ghost writing for clients by writing articles, eBooks, books, etc.

** Taking on copywriting jobs.

** Writing for publication by making submissions and writing queries.

** Posting articles on revenue sharing websites.

** Having your own blogs and websites.

Some writers develop areas of specialty. Other freelancers do a little bit of everything. The main goal is to balance turning a profit with enjoying the work you do.



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