Why Do You Love Writing?

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Why Do You Love Writing?

As you go through your writing career, it is important to remember why you love writing in the first place. It also helps to know what kind of writing you like to do, especially if you find the need to take on some jobs and assignments that you don't like or that are a little frustrating. This doesn't happen often, but when it does - it can be discouraging. Knowing why you love writing can help banish that feeling of discouragement.

Before you continue on as a writer, take a moment to write in your journal. Date the entry and put the question, "Why do I love writing?" at the top of the page. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Answer the question as best as you can.

When the timer goes off, read what you wrote. Try to come up with a way to turn what you said into a personal essay. Write it. You don't need to submit it anywhere if you don't want - but you could. Just keep it safe so you will have something nice to read when you need the encouragement.

Another part of this is to understand exactly what you to write. Is it articles, essays, poems, etc? There are so many different things you can write. Knowing what your favorites are will help focus your efforts and make it easier for you to find assignments that you will enjoy.

Also, there are two kinds of writers - those who write for a living or those who do it purely for fun and don't bother submitting. Some writers fall somewhere in between. Understand that even the writers who write for money still enjoy it. Knowing your motives will go a long way in propelling your writing forward and keeping you motivated.



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