Writers Need to Read!

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Writers Need to Read!

When I first started my writing career I was so busy trying to be successful that I actually stopped reading. I didn't have time. Every now and then I did force myself to read a novel or a magazine article, but I honestly thought I was too busy.

I was wrong. I did have time. Or rather, I should have made time. Because I ignored reading for so long, my writing started to get stale. I was no longer current. As a result, it became harder and harder to find ideas and put pen to paper. I knew I either had to start reading again or experience burnout.

Here's a list of things I try to read on a daily or weekly basis:

-- Print newspaper

-- Free local publications

-- Magazines

-- Novels

-- Short stories

-- Poems

When it comes to reading fiction, I alternate between reading the classics, new releases, and other modern fiction. I approach poetry in the same way.

I don't necessarily do this reading to come up with ideas. However, I keep a notebook handy just in case. I always end up thinking of things to write as I'm reading.



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