-ceed, -cede, or -sede

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How do I know when to use -sede, -ceed, and -cede?

-ceed, -cede, or -sede

Only ONE word ends in "sede": supersede.

One THREE words end in "ceed": exceed, proced, and succeed.

All other words ending with the sound of "seed" are spelled "cede:" precede, secede, recede, concede, accede, intercede.



1/14/2009 5:22:24 PM
Lauren said:

This is a great site. Thank you.

4/21/2009 6:55:24 AM
ocatvia said:

i wouldnt recommend the tip because it dosent tell how or why they are spelled in that way

10/6/2009 1:00:24 PM
precious said:

this is great. i have checked so mamy sites before i saw this one

7/11/2011 4:47:42 PM
Muhsin said:

Yeah, thanks a lot. Been looking for something like this.

11/10/2011 10:00:44 AM
Brett said:

SHould it not read "ONLY THREE words end in "ceed"....

12/5/2011 9:39:25 AM
marina said:

What does it mean - One THREE words?

And - proced or proceed? Check yourself please.

12/11/2011 4:56:22 PM
Antonio said:

One THREE words end in "ceed": exceed, proced, and succeed. You missed an "e" in "proceed" as you wrote "proced"
Thanks for that wonderful and helpful job you made.


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