How to Maneuver Your Way Through the Writer's Admin Tool

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How to Maneuver Your Way Through the Writer's Admin Tool

All assignments can be done online and filed online. There are multiple steps to take, so here are some helpful hints:

1) Log on every day to view new assignments.

2) If you are qualified to write the tips for a particular assignment, hit the "apply" button to submit your name for the task.

3) Once you are approved for a task, all writing assigments will be done online. (Note: If you are approved, you will receive an email and a deadline date).

4) View the task projects from your writer's admin tool - you'll see the category, keywords, and the number of tips needed for each category. Start writing!

5) When you're done with a category, and there are no more changes, send the tips to me for review. You do this by hitting the "DONE" button at the bottom of each category page. (Note: If you hit "SAVE" this will allow you to come back later and make changes).

6) If the tips are rejected, you will get the entire category back - this does not mean all the tips in the category have been rejected. The rejected tips will have notes from me asking a question, or providing some editorial comments to enhance the tip. Make the changes, and send the tip back to me.

It's that simple! Please remember to spellcheck - misspelled words are an automatic deduction from your tip payment amount.



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