Writer Memo: April 17, 2006

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Writer Memo: April 17, 2006

Words For Writers

The Importance of Keywords: It's essential that you use the keywords associated with each category in your tips. Even more essential is that the keyword you use makes sense in the tip. Going forward, payment amounts will be deducted from a category assignment if all the keywords are not properly used.

Keyword Dos/Donts: You must use one keyword in at least one tip.

  • DO NOT stuff all the keywords in one tip.

  • DO NOT reword the keywords. (I realize some of the keyword phrases may be awkward, but we do have a responsibility to our clients. Please read the "About Us" section on LifeTips.com for more information).

  • DO NOT use the keyword just in the title.

  • DO use the keyword in the title AND in the text.

  • DO make sure the keyword you use for a given tip is used a few times in that tip.

For your purposes LifeTips has given you access on this job board to keyword research tools and keyword density tools. I encourage you to use these tools to learn more about the importance of keywords in tips, and find other keywords that will enhance the value of the tips you write.



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