Writer Memo: May 22, 2006

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Writer Memo: May 22, 2006

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Tip of the Week:
From the Diet Tip Site, Authored by Tanya Zilberter
Tip: How to Look Slimmer, Instantly
With the same body weight, the better your posture, the slimmer you are perceived by others.
Here's how: Standing in front of a mirror, lift up your shoulders, rotate them back and press them down. Keep your shoulders as far back and down as you can for the count of 16. Relax your arms. Make your neck long and straight, do not tilt your head. Flatten the lower part of your back and contract your abdominal muscles to flatten your stomach. Take a minute or two to 'memorize' how your body feels while in this position. Remember this feeling every time you want to look slimmer.
Editor's Note: The tip is informational and helpful, and adds value to the reader. Tanya did her research and found one of the most popular asked questions, and focused on the keyword "slimmer" in her answer.



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