Separation of Church and State (Tips)

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Separation of Church and State (Tips)

I've received a lot of questions about the new way we're writing tips, and I'm hoping to clarify them in this area. First with a review, then some answers to your quesions.
Here is how it works:
When you log on to your project, you'll see required keywords and suggested keywords in the left side column.
The REQUIRED keywordds are necessary to include in the "Client Related Tip:" callout section in 30 tips. Visit the Nailcare Tips for an example.

*It's up to you to choose which 30 tips you feel are relevant to the client's site and pull from those 30 tips an additional tip that will incorporate the required keyword.

For example from the Nailcare Tip site:

Cuticles Have a Purpose
Ever wonder what your cuticles are actually there for? According to some sources at, "The cuticle protects the nail root from bacteria." This is why it's important to always take care of your cuticles. Always use a cuticle polish remover instead of cuticle clippers to remove cuticle clippings. If you open or remove a cuticle, bacteria can form straight to the blood stream.
Avenue You Tip: (the client): Having the right nail care products will help keep your nails in good shape. Find the necessary nail care implements for your at-home manicure set, and keep your cuticles and nails healthy and groomed.

Keyword: Nail care implements

Things to remember:
1. You are writing 100 tips
2. In 30 of those 100, you'll write a related tip that focuses specifically on a required keyword. (So, for each required keyword you write a "related tip".)
3. In the description area of your project, I'll highlight the sponsor so you can write related tips, but I would also expect you use research from competitors and informational sites to create tips.
4. PAYMENT: You get $10 for each tip that includes a "Related Tip," then the additional 70 tips are rated on a scale from $1-$10, as usual.



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