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What is a fragment?


A fragment is a group of words posed as a sentence. However, these word groupings cannot stand alone and make sense.

"Tangled in the jewelry box."

When fragments appear next to other sentences in a specific context, they can be difficult to spot.

"That's when I saw the necklace. Tangled in the jewelry box."

The fragment is usually missing either a subject or a verb. In this case, the question would be what is lying in the middle of the floor? We can answer that if the fragment is in context. In this case the answer is the necklace. To fix the fragment, many times you can put the fragment with another sentence or transform it into a sentence.

"That's when I saw the necklace tangled in the jewelry box."


"That's when I saw the necklace. It was tangled in the jewelry box."

Some writers use fragments to emphasize other sentences or certain points. If you choose to do so, always make sure the fragment will be easily understood from the surrounding text so your reader will not be confused.



8/29/2007 5:35:19 PM
Anonymous said:

his remarkable hat with a wide brim and a pheasant feather in the hatband:

8/29/2011 3:56:42 PM
Joyce Jones said:

In a previous note, it was stated that introductory adverbs should not be followed by a comma. However, within the comment on "fragments," a comma is used after "in this case." Could someone tell me why? Thanks.

1/10/2012 10:02:25 AM
lexibaby said:

so great wow never learned better


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