Creating A Character

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How do you develop characters that you are writing about in your novel?

Creating A Character

Have you ever been drawn to someone because of his or her personality? You saw something that you liked about a particular person, but you just couldn't place your finger on it. Maybe they were funny, sweet, exciting or charming. Maybe they were very intelligent, or maybe they could do something that you wished you could do. Whatever the reasoning, know your characters you are creating. Do you know their type of personality? There are many types. Let me list a few:

1. The person who likes to help others.
2. The person who likes to succeed.
3. The person who is romantic.
4. The person who must do everything right.
5. The person who must understand everything and its meaning.
6. The enthusiast person, they are happy about everything.
7. The person who makes peace with the world and its people.
8. A strong person. A leader.
9. A weak person, one who follows others.
10. A trusting person.
11. A person who is a skeptic.
12. A moody person.
13. A person who must be around others at all times.
14. A person who wants to be alone.
15. An animal lover.

When creating a character give them personality along with creating an image. You can use more than one personality type as well.



3/23/2009 10:32:21 AM
Tonnie said:

Item 9. I disagree the one who follows others is a weak person. We can't all be leaders. A good steward is a follower.
A weak person is someone who cowers to everyone and allows others to make decisions for them without question. Someting along this line

5/30/2011 9:57:47 AM
Paul said:

there are people who are strong do not want to lead and are not loners


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