Looking For Reviews?

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How do I get reviews for my book I've written?

Looking For Reviews?

It is always a good idea to get reviews before the
publication process begins, but if you haven't, don't
worry, you can still get reviews. How do you get
reviews? That is the big question, but everyone uses
different methods. Choosing what methods work for
you is the best way to go. I will share with you how
I've been successful at gaining them.
It all started with my first book, THE GOLDEN
LOCKET, a teen novel. I happened to be in the mall at
the same time Mort Crim, an Author and News
Broadcaster was. He was at Waldenbooks signing his
book, SECOND THOUGHTS. I decided to go get a
copy, when I did, I handed him my business card and
told him that I had a book in the publication process. I
then asked him if he would kindly review it for me. A
few days later, Mort Crim took my husband and I out to
breakfast, he gave me a review, and also gave me a
signed copy of his new book. I was thrilled! I will never
forget Mort Crim and what a wonderful man he truly is.
It never hurts to try something like this. I just happened
to stumble across Mort's book signing event, but it's
also possible to just look up events and attend them as
well. Just remember to bring your business cards! There
are many authors out there who will support you and
give you a review, but you will never get it if you don't

Ask and you shall receive! This is what I did to get
more reviews. While attending Oakland University, I
had asked two of my professors to write a review for
me on my new release, ALL ABOUT ME. They did!
They read my book and gave me a great review. One
thing about professors, they will tell you the truth!
Now, I had three reviews for this book. Then I
remembered my friend from C&G Newspapers who
had written a review for me in the past for THE
GOLDEN LOCKET. I had asked her to write one for
ALL ABOUT ME. She did! Keep all of your contacts,
usually if they write a review once, they will more than
likely write you another.

Another great way to gain reviews is by email. Don't
waste time and money sending media packages out,
unless you get the O.K. first. There are plenty of ways
to get in touch with editors and review personnel by
email. Most marketing books have the names and
emails of book reviewers. Sometimes you can just look
them up under a specific website as well. Example: If
you wanted The New York Times to write a review, just
look up their website, find the editor's email and email
them. I have done this several times with several review
personnel. If I receive a response, then I will proceed
with sending them a package. This way you received a
response, and the reviewer is expecting your package.
No time wasted, and you have a better chance at
gaining that review.

Don't forget, even if you had your book published, still
fight for these reviews. Reviews can be printed up in
the news, announced on the radio, advertised at your
book signings; you can do all sorts of things with your
reviews. Once, I even made a plaque and placed it on
my table at my book signing event; for all to see. I had
received this review after my book had been published,
so I couldn't place it in my book, but I wanted to show
it off. Reviews are a great advertising piece; get as
many as you can.



4/24/2007 5:42:53 AM
Naqiyb Muhammad said:

Looking for anwsers on how to get noticed and how to get reviews I was very un lucky before but now thanks to this website I have found what I always have been looking for. Good well writen responses to my question. Where do I get reviews from? Now I know I can look anywhere and if there willing they'll be there. Thanks again.

10/16/2009 3:38:38 AM
Mazhar Shah said:

This is great info...


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