Name & Gender Unknown

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How do I format salutations?

Name & Gender Unknown

Dear Sir or Madam:
Dear Madam or Sir:
To Whom It May Concern:



7/6/2007 8:54:57 AM
Robin Murphy said:

I am a retired school librarian. Once asked what the salutation for a letter ( no gender or name known) I gave this information to the language arts teacher (10 years younger than myself) She thought I was crazy, and disputed the answer. I guess using the company name will displace this. Sorry the use of "Madame" has been desicrated so to speak!

12/9/2008 11:55:43 AM
Anne Bell said:

The correct way to enter this is to not capitalize.

To whom it may concern:

5/11/2009 12:36:16 AM
Stuart said:

Is there no other formal, yet friendly, way of salutation when the name and gender is unknown? Something more original.


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