Telephone Numbers

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How do I format telephone numbers?

Telephone Numbers

Insert a hyphen after the first three digits.

When using the area code, use a hyphen (with no space on either side) between the two elements.

The "1-" does not always need to be included.
Ex: Please call me at 1-800-545-5474.
But: My number is 800-545-7547.
("1-" is not part of the number; it's just something you have to dial.)



6/23/2006 1:26:40 PM
Bob said:

Phone numbers with area codes should be written as (555) 555-5555

6/23/2006 2:18:05 PM
Dr. Bob Copeland said:

Area codes should be included within parenthesis, followed by one space.

8/8/2009 9:39:21 AM
Tom Osborn said:

I agree with Dr. Copeland.


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